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Afghan Rugs Cleaning Service in Baltimore & Columbia

Rug is an essential item in your household. Now-a-days Afghan rugs are rising into popularity. They brighten up the mood of your residence or workplace. They contain dust and debris. It is natural that your rugs will get dirty pretty soon. You can’t leave them uncleaned otherwise, they will infest with insects and mold. Legacy Rug Care is here to save you from the hassle.

Legacy Rug Care provides cleaning services for different types of rugs like Iranian, Jute, Cowhide, etc including Afghan rugs. If you live near Baltimore, Columbia, Rockville and surrounding areas, you can contact online here for rug cleaning. You can call us at 410-348-1814 if you need any information from our experts.

Afghan rug cleaning

Special Treatment for Afghan Rugs

Afghan rug originates from Afghanistan. The woven style and design greatly vary from region to region. Their rug is known for the wide ethical, aesthetic and surprising skills of the artists. Special dyes are used to color the rugs. So if you use a regular washing process, there is a high chance that it will lose color and aesthetics as well. The fiber gets damaged as well because Afghan rugs are very delicate. You bought the rugs with a hefty amount, but if they suddenly lose their aesthetic while washing, it may be challenging for you to stay in the right mind. It is advisable to ask for experts from Legacy Rug Care.

Afghan rug cleaning service

Why Us?

Our rug experts have decades of experience and we provide them with the best equipment possible. We are ready to complete the most challenging project with enough workforce and cutting-edge tools. We offer free inspection and cost-friendly yet efficient service. We use special chemicals for stain removal, ensuring no odor of unwanted liquid can linger.

Prolong Your Rug’s Durability

Afghan rug is a matter of pride for different households, and we know the sentiment behind it very well. That’s why our experts take extra care when they wash Afghan rugs. Call us immediately at 410-348-1814 or click here for an online reservation for rug repair and cleaning.