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Antique Rugs Cleaning in Columbia & Baltimore

Rug adds a unique look to your residence or workplace. But if it is an antique rug the level of beauty goes to another level. Antique rugs are valuable and delicate. A single mistake may ruin the aesthetic look of your rug. The problem is you can’t leave them uncleaned, otherwise they will be filled with dirt and debris. To save you from this dilemma Legacy Rug Care provide experienced experts who will handle your rugs with great care.

If you live near Columbia, Baltimore, Maryland Line and surrounding areas you can call us at 410-348-1814 or click here for an online reservation.


Wash Your Rug with Legacy Rug Care

Antique Rug has very delicate fiber which requires special treatment during cleaning and repairing. Sometimes the dirt goes so deep in the fiber that without special equipment it may be impossible to wash it properly. Pet stains and unwanted liquid like urine may drop on your precious rug and produce a bad odor. Even if you manage to wash the rugs, the odor will still linger in the rugs. So for proper washing you need experts from Legacy Rug Care.

Legacy Rug Care has served for decades and we got a vast amount of positive feedback from our customers. There are a number of reasons why our customers choose us over others. First of all our experts have decades of experience which help them understand what our customers want from us. They provide free estimation and cost-friendly suggestions. Secondly We provide them with the most advanced cleaning tools which help them cleaning and repairing rugs efficiently. For odor removal we use special ingredients so to remove the lingering smells. Lastly we focus on our customer’s service and ensure that they are 100% satisfied with our cleaning and repairing services. We understand the sentiment behind the antique rug. Our experts ensure that every fiber of your rugs will be washed properly. It is our responsibility to deliver your rug safely.

Entrust The Best Rug Cleaning Service

We provide cleaning and repair for different types of rugs like Iranian, Jute, Cowhide etc. If you want to reserve the aestheticism of your antique rug call at 410-348-1814 or click here for an online reservation.