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Pile Rug Cleaning in Baltimore, Annapolis, & Columbia, MD

The pile of a rug effectively determines the thickness or thinness of a rug, by the density of its fibers. According to its density, it can be classified into two types: high pile and low pile rug.
Rugs get dirty easily and require cleaning. The cleaning process of these two types is also different. Whenever you need professional attention for your pile rug cleaning, Legacy Rug Care is the most convenient option to contact.
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Pile Rug Cleaning Services by Legacy Rug Care


Both high and low-pile rugs can be expertly cleaned by Legacy Rug Care's network of trained and experienced rug cleaners. As a high-pile rug has longer and soft loops so removing all dirt, dust, or debris using vacuum cleaners is not possible.
A low pile rug is flatter and easy to clean rather than a high pile rug as they have small loops. But it also requires thorough cleaning because small stains on it become visible.

  • Our technicians are well-trained and highly skilled in cleaning both high and low-pile rugs.
  • We use appropriate cleaning methods, necessary equipment, cleaning ingredients, and chemicals to clean your pile rugs.
  • We powerwash your rug, then remove all types of stains from your rug, remove odors, and use protection on your rug so that mold or insects can't damage it.
  • Lastly after drying, we deliver your rug to your home. 

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At Legacy Rug Care, our professional provides rug repair, rug protection, rug pads, and floor cleaning for any pile rugs. With years of hand on experience, we provide services in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, Parkville, Essex, and throughout our MD service area.
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