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Tufted Rug Cleaning Service in Columbia & Baltimore

Rug enhances the appeal of your residence or workplace. A tufted rug offers a brand-new look for your home. The rug will get dirty pretty quickly. So it is necessary to clean them regularly otherwise, they will be filled with dirt and debris. Tufted rugs are made without knots. They are hard to clean properly. You don’t have to worry, Legacy Rug Care offers cleaning & repairing services for Tufted rugs.

If you live near Baltimore, Columbia, Rockville and many other areas, you can call us at 410-348-1814 for suggestions. You can click here for an online reservation. Our expert will arrive at your door very shortly.

The Necessity of Rug Experts


There are some reasons why people choose to ask for rug professionals-

  • Prolong the lifespan: Professional knows your delicate rug thoroughly. They will handle your tufted and other types of rugs with great care. It will significantly increase the lifespan of your rugs.
  • Keep the rugs safe: If the rugs aren’t cleaned properly, bacteria and insects will cause an infestation to your rugs. Experts know the proper way to sanitize the rugs. Your rugs will be protected from bacteria and insects for a long time.
  • Complete dirt removal: Regular cleaning may not be able to get rid of dirt completely. Professionals have the proper equipment and techniques to remove all the dirt and soil.
  • Improved appearance: The expert will clean your rugs so efficiently that they will look like new ones. The improved look will delight you differently.

Keep Your Rug Clean & Safe

Legacy Rug Care has decades of experienced experts. They know how to benefit homeowners and provide free inspection & cost-effective recommendations. We also offer services for rug repairing, rug pads, rug protection and many more. Call us at 410-348-1814 or click here for an online reservation if you have further questions about our service.