Rug Cleaning & Rug Protection in Perry Hall

Keeping your rug stain-free and dirt-free is one of the hardest things to do. As it's on the floor it automatically attracts more dirt and debris. Moreover, if you have a kid or a pet then it takes it to the next level. It might seem impossible to you at times.

However, with a professional hand, you can keep your pet damage rug clean and fresh. Our experts can also help you to protect your rug from any stain or insect infestation. Just dial 410-204-2825 and rely on it to make your rug management easy.

Pet Stain Removal from Rug

Even after being careful pet mishaps happen. But once it happens it leaves a stain on your area rug. These stains are hard to get rid of, as pet urine or potty is acidic. It sometimes leads to rug discoloration as well.

Thus, it requires professional help to get rid of your rug stain effectively. Professional cleaning will simply solve your issue. If it doesn't our professionals will do a rug color correction to restore its original color.

Pet Odor Removal Experts in Perry Hall

It's another headache for homeowners with pets. Sometimes, even after taking immediate action, you would fail to remove the pet odor. Using bleach or vinegar is not going to help you with that odor. Moreover, it backfires and leaves stains on your rug.

It makes the whole situation worse for you. Don't go to this extent and stress yourself whenever you have a pet odor on your rug. We will help you to have a rug that smells fresh for a long time.

Why Do You Need Professional Cleaning?

Interestingly, unlike regular cleaning professional rug cleaning will help you to keep Your rug fresh for a long time. It will also help you with:

  • Stain removal
  • Odor removal
  • Prevent mold growth
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Deep cleaning
  • Dirt & debris removal
  • Allergen free

Protect Your Rug with Rug Protection

Professional cleaning will help you to have a clean rug. But accidental spills can have and whenever it happen it leaves stains. Nobody would want to get the clean rug stained the next day. Well, with our stain repellent, you can get your rug protected from any stains. It will make your rug management easy as well. Additionally, we offer:

Moth Protection: This will help you to prevent moth damage on your rug.

UV Protection: UV protection will prevent your rug from discoloration or fading.

Rug Treatment: We will help you to have an anti-fungal and anti-allergen rug with you.

Lay Down a Rug Pad Underneath Your Rug!

Rug pads work as a protection barrier for your floor. It prevents staining or discoloration on the floor. It gives you a strong grip and waterproofing solution to your rug. Some rug pads even offer soundproof options to you. Moreover, at Legacy Rug Care we offer eco-friendly rug pads. We offer multiple rug pad options with which you can choose your specific rug type. That includes:

Preserving Your Rug from Pet Mishaps: Keep Your Rugs Worry-free

If you own an area rug and you're a pet owner, you already know your rug is hard to keep clean and smelling fresh all the time. Cleaning it daily is impossible to do on your own. That's why pet owners from all over our Maryland can have our exclusive rug cleaning services. We thoroughly clean and sanitize the rugs to remove dust, dirt, and pet dander and get back to that new, vibrant, and fresh condition. Schedule your rugs today and take $25 off each rug. Wash, clean, protect, and preserve your rugs with Legacy Rug Care.

Our Rug Drop off & Pick Up Options

We understand that it is hard to get your rug clean when you have a busy schedule. Thus, we are here to help you with rug drop-off and pick-up options.

You don't have to worry about dropping your rug to us anymore. We will be at your place with just one call. You can call us at 410-204-2825 to get your rug cleaned. Get your rug professionally cleaned with us today.

Temporary Rug Storage Solution in Perry Hall

At Legacy Rug Care, we offer a secure rug storage facility in a climate-controlled facility. If you feel the need to store your rug you can rely on us.

Probably because you are moving to your new home, renovating, or for temporary storage we are here to help you. We will maintain the rug's quality while maintaining its appearance. Just contact us for temporary rug storage.

Keep Your Rug Cozy with Legacy Rug Care

At Legacy Rug Care, you can trust your area rug with us. We have successfully cleaned all types of rugs over the past years. We have 5/5 customer reviews for your service quality. Our experts handle every rug with care and extra attention. We notice every detail of your rug and make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly.

It just not only rug cleaning, you can rely on us for rug repair rug, rug pads, and rug protection services. We are here in Perry Hall, Parkville, White Marsh, and more areas to help you out with your rug issues. If you are thinking of cleaning your area rug through a professional then look no further. Call us at 410-204-2825 and get your rug professionally cleaned. You can also contact us now to get your rug issues fixed.

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  • Perry Hall, MD | October 18, 2017

I was only having a bedroom and one area rug cleansed. The technician called as he was heading to me and arrived soon after which was at the beginning of the "window". They were very professional and efficient. The rooms look and smell clean and it was a very good experience.

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