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Water & Fire Damaged Rug Repair in Baltimore & Columbia, MD

Your beautiful rug can get ruined due to a water or fire disaster. But don't throw away your damaged rug. Our professionals are here to clean and repair your rug. At Legacy Rug Care, we provide affordable and professional fire and water-damaged area rug repair for a variety of rug types. That includes wool, silk, nylon, acrylic, Persian, and more. Whether it's a huge spill, flood, burn holes, burnt corners or centers, smoke odor, soot stains, or other water damage or fire damage issues, you can rely on us.

We can repair your rug effectively with our state-of-the-art rug repair services. Moreover, we are the industry-leading rug repair company in the Baltimore and Columbia, MD, areas. Legacy Rug Care offers help with Rug Repairs in Essex, Towson, Elkridge, Rosedale, and the rest of our MD service area. To find out more about our fire-damaged area rug repair service, call us at 410-204-2825 right now.

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Smoke Soot Restoration from Rug

Smoke Soot Damage Removal from Area Rugs

Smoke, ash, and soot can bind with your rug fibers and ordinary cleaning methods might fall short to clean your rug. Smoke and soot also decrease your rug's appearance. It makes it darker and dull than its original color along with degrading your rugs overall beauty. Furthermore, smoke particles trapped in fibers can leave a smoky odor that lingers long after the fire damage.

To repair and effectively clean your area rug from fire, smoke, and soot damage you can trust your rug to Legacy Rug Care. Our professionals are experts in removing any stains or odor from your cherished rug. Our area rug deep cleaning procedure removes smoke and soot particles absorbed by your fire-damaged area rug. We can affordably restore your damaged area rug to its previous condition. With us, you can enjoy a fresh, shiny appearance on your rug again.

imgae consisting of reweaving and patching

Fire Damaged Rugs Can Need Reweaving

Many fire-damaged area rugs require more complicated repairs, such as rug reweaving to restore their original shape or appearance. For antique, heirloom, or just highly aesthetic area rugs, repairing small holes, rug reweaving, or patching can be preferable for effectively restoring its original look. Damage from fire, furniture, or other rips or pet chewing is also worth repairing for many homeowners.

Water-Damaged Rug Repair

Preserve Your Water Damaged Rug with Us!

Excessive water or moisture exposure can lead to staining, warping, and shrinkage on area rugs. Furthermore, this water damage can lead to fading, smearing, and other color-related damage. If you don't treat your water-damaged rug then over time these will cause lingering or detectable odors and stubborn stains. This whole situation degrades your indoor air quality and causes many problems.

However, you can reverse the situation with Legacy Rug Care's professional. Our professionals will repair your water-damaged rug with our comprehensive solution. No matter what type of rug you have Oriental rugs, synthetic rugs, machine rugs, sisal rugs, Persian rugs, polyester rugs, and more, we can restore it all. From water-damaged area rug repair to bleeding or fading you can rely on us. Our skilled rug repair technicians have the knowledge and expertise to restore the vibrant look of your rug.

Water Damage Rug Cleaning Process

Water Damaged Rug Solution in Columbia, MD

We follow an extensive and effective process to revive your water-damaged rug. Our process follows:

  • Area rug pick-up to our cleaning facility, or you drop off
  • Environmentally safe cleaning solutions
  • Rug cleaning and repair performed at our advanced facility
  • Area rug water extraction to prevent mold or color issues
  • Hand washing to remove dust, dirt, debris, and contaminants from fibers
  • Thorough rinse to remove shampoos, and cleansers and avoid marks or lines
  • Drying, grooming, wrapping, delivering, unrolling, and laying your rug

Our Rug Cleaning Process

If you've made the investment in area rugs or fine oriental rugs, you probably already know they're a little bit more challenging to keep clean than your hardwood floors and other surfaces. Let's watch the video and learn more about our cleaning process.

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For more than 35 years, Legacy Rug Care has offered area rug repair and rug cleaning services in the Baltimore, Maryland, region. After inspecting the condition of your rug, our skilled experts can repair even the most fragile rugs. Our expert will provide an appropriate solution based on the rug's age, condition, material, color kind or variation, and capacity to repair.

You can also rely on us for other rug-related services like Fringe Repair, Color Correction, Rug Binding, Custom Bordered Rugs, and others. Our services are available in Columbia, Arbutus, Parkville, Essex, and throughout our MD service area. To experience the difference and preserve your rug trust us. Call us today at 410-204-2825 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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