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Legacy Rug Care is a reputable rug cleaning company that serves the Baldwin community with utmost dedication and excellence. We comprehend that area rugs are not just floor coverings but also an essential part of your home's decor and personality. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to all your area rug needs, including cleaning, repair, and protection. Dial 410-204-2825 or click here to learn more about our offerings.

Expert rug cleaning for a fresh and vibrant appearance.

Why Need Professional Assistance for Rug Care?

Professional help from Legacy Rug Care is crucial for caring for and preserving beautiful rugs, ensuring they stay long-lasting and comfortable in your home. Here's why:

  • Rug Expertise: We are experts in cleaning and maintaining all types of rugs.
  • Delicate Cleaning: Our approach to deep cleaning involves using gentle techniques.
  • Repair & Restoration: Our services include repairing damaged rugs and preventing any potential discoloration.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our cleaning products are eco-friendly, which means they are designed to have minimal environmental impact.
  • Extended Lifespan: Our expert cleaning, repair, and protection extends rug lifespan.
Rug cleaning and repair for a refreshed look

Legacy Rug Care: Your Rug Cleaning & Repair Experts

Welcome to Legacy Rug Care, where we pride ourselves on being your trusted rug cleaning and repair experts. We specialize in gentle cleaning techniques that preserve the color and beauty of your rug while our expert repairs help to extend its lifespan. Our eco-friendly practices protect the environment and ensure a healthier indoor environment for you and your family. With our convenient services, you can enjoy a seamless experience. Trust us to maintain the longevity and beauty of your rug.

Our Services

Synthetic Rug Cleaning
Synthetic Rug Cleaning
Machine Rugs Cleaning
Machine Rugs Cleaning
Oriental Rug Cleaning
Oriental Rug Cleaning
UV Protection
UV Protection
Moth Protection
Moth Protection

Protect Your Rug from UV Rays, Moths, and Stain Repellent Today!

Safeguard your rugs from UV rays, moths, and stains with Legacy Rug Care's expert protection services. We value the importance of preserving your rugs. Our advanced treatments protect against color fading, moth damage, and stains, ensuring lasting beauty and peace of mind for your investment. Dial 410-204-2825 to avail of any of our services on Baldwin, or click here to learn more about our services.

What Our Customers Say

Great company, great service, job well done! They picked up my 8 x 10 area rug and runner last Friday. Today, just 7 days later, my rugs were returned... Read more about Lyndie Billey reviewRead More

Everyone was real professional and nice. My rug has not looked this well since I bought it. I always used a carpet cleaner every 3 months at least... Read more about Dustin Walters reviewRead More

The two techs who returned the carpets were very kind, patient, and helpful. We had a round rug that had to be positioned (centered) under the dining room chandelier... Read more about Chuck MillerRead More

Our dog got into an entire bag of chocolate covered espresso beans (she was ok!). She got sick over the entire white carpet and it looked like black tar... Read more about Renee Craig reviewRead More

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