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Rug Cleaning, Repair & Protection in Kingsville

Even your cherished rugs might look a little worse over time. It might be a spill, spot, or just regular wear and tear that’s ruining its beauty. However, with professional cleaning, repair, and rug protection services, you can restore the beauty of your cherished rug.

At Legacy Rug Care, we specialize in cleaning and repairing rugs for ages. Whether you have an oriental rug or a modern masterpiece our skilled professionals will restore your rugs with their experience and expertise. Feel the luxury vibe again with professional service. Give us a call at 410-204-2825 for your rug issues.

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Why You Need Professional Rug Cleaning?

Professional cleaning ensures your rug looks in its best condition while restoring its vibrant color. A clean rug ensures better indoor air quality. Moreover, it offers:

Fringe repair services being performed on a rug

Rug Repair Services in Kingsville

Rug Fringe Repair: Repairing rug fringe will restore its original beauty while preventing accidents.

Rug Color Correction: Ovetime rug fades its color due to sunlight or the wrong cleaning method. Our rug color correction method will restore the vibrant look of your rug.

Backing Repair: Backing repair will allow moisture, air, and gas to move through the rug. It's important to protect your area rug.

Rug Serging: Serging rug will fix issues like worn, frayed, or sha rugs. It will increase the durability of your rug.

Rug Hole Repair: With our special sewing and repair techniques we restore your rug to its highest quality. With our rug repair service, you can reuse your damaged rug.

A waterproof rug pad providing protection

Lay Down a Rug Pad & Protect Your Investment

Rug pads should be a must-have thing, especially for people with kids or pets. Laying down rug pads is a great way to protect your floor from any accidental spills, dents, or scratches. The pad adds comfort and a cushioning vibe to your foot. This can also help to prevent the rug fiber from tearing down. Moreover, it also makes your maintenance routine stress-free. Additionally, it offers:

  • The rug pad works like a pet barrier
  • It provides a strong grip and is great for slippery floor
  • Some rug pad has waterproofing that makes cleaning easy
  • Rug pads with soundproofing option add some privacy to your space

We also offer eco-friendly rug pads to create a better world. Whether it's a new investment or rug pad replacement you can rely on us for that.

Professional absorbent pad cleanup service

Absorbent Pad Cleaning with Us!

An absorbent rug pad adds great comfort while keeping your rug in place. However, over time rug pads trap dirt, dust, and allergens. To ensure healthy indoor air quality it is important to clean your rug pad. Additionally, it will ensure better rug cushioning and support. You can rely on our professionals to clean absorbent rug pads.

Professional rug protection services

Protect Your Rug with Rug Protection Services

Protector & Stain Repellent: It creates a shield against any spill. Additionally. it preserves the beauty of your area rug.

UV Protection: Sunlight can cause rug discoloration. UV protection helps to shield your rug from harmful UV rays while preserving its original beauty.

Moth Protection: Insect or moth infestation on natural fabrics like wool and silk is not so uncommon. With moth protection, you can protect your rug from these issues.

Anti-Fungal Treatment: Exposure to excessive moisture might cause fungi on the rug. However, you can reverse the situation with anti-fungal treatment.

Anti Allergen Treatment: Anti-allergen treatment safeguards against potential health issues.

Ensure a Better Indoor Air Quality with Clean Rug

Preserve the beauty of your cherished rug with us. Whether the rug has some historical value or some sentimental value you can trust your rug with us. We have been helping our customers with rug cleaning since 1986. With a 5/5 customer review, we are experts in stain removal and rug cleaning.

We also offer drop-off and pick-up options for your convenience. If you are from Kingsville, Abingdon, Fork, Benson, and other cities within our service area dial 410-204-2825 for any rug issues. You can also contact us online to book an appointment.

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  • Kingsville, MD | October 06, 2017

Cameron and his partner were awesome. The rugs look great but these two men were so professional and kind and it was a pleasure meeting them. They represent your company and you should be proud of them, I will definetly use your service again and highly recommend your company to others. Paula Williams.

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