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If you are looking for rug cleaning or even moth protection services in Pasadena or nearby areas, call Hydro Clean Rug Cleaning today! We are the best in the rug cleaning industry and we can protect your rug from moths and other insects.

Moths are attracted to materials like wool and silk, which are used in oriental rugs or silk rugs. Moths can ruin your precious rug in no time! You won’t be able to do anything if moths attack your rug. Remember to call a professional company like Hydro Clean Rug Care for moth protection services.

From Pasadena to Ashton, Baltimore, Barnesville, Bel Air, and nearby communities of greater Baltimore. Call us at Hydro Clean Rug Care today at 410-348-1814 for all your rug cleaning and rug care needs.

Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Moths on Your Rug

Here are some things Pasadena homeowners can do to protect rugs from moth problems:

Moths on Your Rug in Pasadena
  • Regular vacuuming of your rug helps to keep moths away.
  • Purchase moth paper to trap adult moths and keep them from laying more eggs.
  • Install a moth trap to keep on moth activity for the future.
  • Get thorough treatment from moth protection professionals. It's the best thing you can do to keep your rug from moth attack. Professionals know what type of chemicals to spray on your rug to protect it without damaging your rug.
  • A handmade rug reduces the chances of a moth attacking.
  • Try to identify the moth affected area, vacuum the whole rug thoroughly, and give special attention to the affected areas. Clean both sides of the rug.

Our Moth Repellent Services

Moth repellent steps include:

  • Inspecting the rug
  • Deep clean the rug with our cleaning process.
  • Use moth repellent to keep the moth from damaging your rug.

Let Hydro Clean Rug Care Handle Your Rug Cleaning in Pasadena, MD

At Hydro Clean Rug Care, we provide the best rug cleaning service in Pasadena, MD and moth protection for your rug. We also offer rug patchingrug blot stains or spots, color correctionrug binding and many more services.

Contact us online or call us today 410-348-1814 to find out more about our Pasadena rug repair and cleaning services -- at a very competitive price.