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Rug Cleaning & Repair in Laurel

Accidentally spilled morning coffee on your rug? Don’t worry our Legacy Rug Care is here for you. Our experts are here in Laurel to help you with your rug issues. Whether you have a dirty rug or a rug that has gone through much wear and tear, you can rely on us.

Our experts have 5-star customer reviews and ARCS Awards for our quality work. Just dial 410-204-2825 for any rug issues you face. You can also contact us online to have a fresh rug.

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Our Rug Cleaning Process

Our rug cleaning process doesn't only focus on the beauty of your rug but also the fabric, fringe, freshness, and comfort. It will clean your rug thoroughly while preventing the dullness of your rug. The cleaning process follows:

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Types of Rug We Clean

No matter what type of rug you have we can clean them all. Our cleaning process is suitable for both delicate rug

Discoloration of rug

Have a Discolored Rug? Don't Worry!

Rug discoloration may happen due to many things. Over time due to age, color bleeds, sunlight, or rough cleaning solution your rug loses its vibrant color. However, with our rug repair solution, you can restore the original color of your area rug.

Our experts will do a rug color correction or dye your rug to regain its beauty. We pay close attention to the rug details and color to restore its look properly.

Gently Restore Your Bleach-Stained Rug

Effective Rug Stain Removal

Old rugs usually get stained easily. The stains become stubborn if you don’t treat them immediately. And spills like wine or coffee itself are stubborn. No matter what the case is, you can rely on us for stain removal. We clean:

Repairing fringe

Repair Rug Fringe & Restore It's Beauty

You might not pay much attention to your rug fringe. However, it plays a major part in the rug's overall appearance. Over time this rug gets damaged from wear and tear.

You need to repair the fringe to the beauty of your rug. Moreover, tangled and damaged rugs can lead to accidents. You can trust our experts to repair your fringe effectively.

Restore Your Water Damaged Rug with Us!

Water disasters like floods, plumbing overflows, or even prolonged soaking in water during cleaning can lead to water damage rug. It will lead to the rug, bleeding, rotting, shrinkage, and weakening of the fabric. Additionally, proper rug drying also matters when it comes to water and moisture.

Hand mopping a rug vs. using an automated rug cleaning machine.

Leaving moisture on your rug might lead to mold growth while leaving an odor on your rug. However, you can avoid all these issues with professional rug cleaning. And even if the rug gets damaged due to water we are here to restore your water-damaged rug. Our experts will help you to restore your beloved rug so that you can use it again.

Remove Smoke Odor From Your Fire Damaged Rug

After any fire disaster smoke, ash and soot can damage your rugs fiber. This would be hard to get rid of this with normal rug cleaning. Even if you manage to clean the lingering odor and stains might become a headache for you.

To restore and repair your rug effectively you need professional rug cleaning and rug repair services. With our rug cleaning process, we will clean all the stains effectively while restoring the damaged area with our rug repair services.

Resize Your Rug and Match Your Interior

Sometimes the rug doesn't go along with your interior or it's too big that it's leading to a tripping hazard. When this happens you can rely on our experts to resize your rug and match your interior and preferences. We will resize your rug with a fine finish and look.

Don't Throw Your Rug Because of Rug Holes!

Rug holes may appear on your rug through moths, pests, pets, and more. However, don't throw your area rug just because of some holes. You can restore your area rug with Legacy Rug Care.

With years our experts have mastered the skill of sewing and repairing techniques to repair your rug holes effectively. With our rug hole repair service, you can protect your investment along with its appearance.

Are You Having a Hard Time Washing Your Rug?

Are you too busy to wash your area rugs? And even if you did, would you know how to do it correctly? Washing rugs is not an easy task as it takes a lot of effort and expertise. In fact, a rug can weigh over 500 pounds when wet. Don't worry, let Legacy Rug Care take care of the job for you. We offer a unique rug-washing process that you won't find anywhere else in the Maryland area. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

Revive the Beauty of Your Rug with Us!

Breathe new life into your dull rug with us. At Legacy Rug Care, we have rug cleaning experience for almost 4 decades. We use state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to clean your area rug effectively.

We also offer rug drop-off and pick-up options for your comfort. You can call us at 410-204-2825 for any rug cleaning or repair services. You can also contact us today to ensure a fresh rug in Laurel, Columbia, Bowie, and more.

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Customer Reviews from Laurel ( 5 out of 1 reviews )

  • Laurel, MD | July 21, 2018

We could not be more pleased with your service. The service men were knowledgeable and courteous at all times. We had a couple of different services performed in one day. We had rugs cleaned in three different areas and stairs-my opinion the stairs were a lost cause, but not for them-and an anti microbial treatment and a sofa cleaned all in a couple of hours. We were thrilled with the outcome and the price. We highly recommend hydro clean.

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