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Prayer rugs are a bit different than usual rugs. These rugs were made with soft and comfortable material for you. They need extra care and cleanliness. Thus, it can be a hassle to keep them clean for many people. Cleaning them with a professional can help you.

Legacy Rug Care is here to help you with cleaning any type of rug. Dial 410-204-2825 or talk to our friendly experts online for any rug cleaning or rug repair services.

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Why Should You Clean Your Prayer Rug?

Cleaning prayer rugs holds significant importance in various religious and cultural contexts. Prayer rugs are commonly used for daily prayers, and keeping them clean is essential for both practical and spiritual reasons. Here are some reasons that showcase the importance of cleaning prayer rugs:

  • Spiritual Focus
  • Hygienic Consideration
  • Aesthetic Appeal
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Rug Color Correction with Legacy Rug Care

If your prayer rug has lost its vibrant colors and holds sentimental value to you, we have got your back. We will professionally restore its natural beauty and color through dyeing. Our services are designed to bring the rug’s original pigments back while ensuring it looks as good as new. You can reach us to revive the richness of your prayer rug with our color correction method. This will allow you to cherish your rug for years.

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Avoid Using Washing Machine for Prayer Rug

It's better if you could avoid washing machine for rug cleaning. Some prayer rugs have a luxurious foaming texture that might get ruined by the washing machine. Additionally, there are a few other reasons why you should avoid this method. Such as:

  • Material Sensitivity
  • Color Fading and Bleeding
  • Size and Shape Changes
  • Absorption of Detergents

Always check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer or seller of the prayer rug before attempting any cleaning to ensure the rug's longevity and preservation.

Our Prayer Rug Cleaning Process

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When it comes to cleaning prayer rugs the best method could be hand washing or professional cleaning. However, hand washing might be tough for you without having much knowledge about the fabric and fabric sensitivity. Thus, the safe option is to choose professional rug cleaning. Our cleaning process includes,

Are You Having a Hard Time Washing Your Rug?

Are you too busy to wash your area rugs? And even if you did, would you know how to do it correctly? Washing rugs is not an easy task as it takes a lot of effort and expertise. In fact, a rug can weigh over 500 pounds when wet. Don't worry, let Legacy Rug Care take care of the job for you. We offer a unique rug-washing process that you won't find anywhere else in the Maryland area. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

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At Legacy Rug Care, we have experience in cleaning all types of rugs. Our experts are certified to clean even the most delicate rugs. Whether it's a simple spot or any stain, we can clean it all. Call us today at 410-204-2825 to clean your prayer rug. Or else knock us online for any rug cleaning services near Columbia, Baltimore, Maryland Line, Annapolis, and surrounding areas.

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Had some family rugs that were passed down, wasn’t sure if they were worth cleaning but Legacy did a great job and brought them back to life. Super easy to work with, quick turn around and very fair pricing. Will use in the future for sure.

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Very friendly staff. They called to let me know about a special BOGO area rug cleaning promotion. I decided to give it a try. My rugs look like new! I am very satisfied

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Hydro Clean did a fantastic job of eliminating the stains and pet odors out of my area rugs!!! I will definitely be using their services in the future.

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