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Rug Cleaning & Rug Repair in Nottingham

A rug is not just a piece of decoration. It also adds warmth and comfort to your floor while reducing noise. The easy maintenance and replaceable option makes it preferable to many people over carpet. However, to keep your rug in its best condition you should seek professional rug cleaning occasionally.

At Legacy Rug Care, our experts have more than 36 years of experience in cleaning rugs. You can rely on us for any rug cleaning or rug repair services.


Area Rug Cleaning Process

Rugs are pretty expensive and need extra care to have a durable rug. Thus, we have designed our rug cleaning process to clean your rug thoroughly. Our area rug cleaning process includes:

Inspection & Pickup

An initial inspection is done to see the condition of the rug and then we pick the rug.

Follow-Up Inspection

After dropping the rug at our factory we do a thorough inspection to find hidden rug issues.

Rug Dusting

We dust the rug thoroughly to make sure all the surface level or loose dusts are cleaned.

Clean, Wash & Rinse

Based on the rug we apply our cleaning method, then wash and rinse your area rug.


We dry the rug effectively to prevent any moisture issues like mold growth.

Rug Combing & Brushing

We comb and brush the rug to rejuvenate its original fluffy texture and look.

Rug Fringe Grooming

This is done to bring it back to its original look, as during cleaning it might get tangled.

Rug Vacuuming and Inspection

Vacuuming is done to get rid of any extra cleaning agent. Then a final inspection is done to maintain the quality.

Rug Fiber Protector & Pads

It’s an optional step. If you want we will help you to protect your rug even after cleaning it.


After ensuring all the processes we will deliver your rug to your place.

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What Type of Rug do You Have? Keep It Clean with Us!

Rugs are usually differentiated based on the texture, the way they are made, and the materials used. Some handmade rugs even take months to make. Thus, all these rugs need extra care and attention. Based on their type the cleaning process and method will also vary.

No matter what type of rug you have you can rely on us to get your rug professionally cleaned. We have experience in cleaning Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Silk rugs, Prayer rugs, and more.

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Area Rug Cleaning Method

We know what type of cleaning method will be suitable for your specific rug. Drop your rug to us and we will return it to you fresh and clean. Our rug cleaning method includes:

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Stain Removal Experts in Baltimore

Stains can ruin the beauty of your area rug. Moreover, it raises a hygiene issue with your rug. Moreover, dirty rugs also degrade indoor air quality, increase allergen problems, and more. Don't put your health at risk with your dirty rug.

Rely on Legacy Rug Care to get your rug professionally cleaned. No matter how stubborn the stain is we can clean it all. So don't worry about your beet-stained or bleach-stained rug. We are here for you.

Get Your Rug Fringe Repair & Upgrade It's Beauty

The fringe is equally important as rug cleaning. A tangled or torn fringe will degrade the look of it. It will also increase the possibility of accidental slips or trips. However, you can rely on us to repair your rug fringe and restore its original beauty.

Got Faded Rug? No Worries!

Over time the rug fades due to excessive exposure to UV rays or your maintenance routine. However, we can restore the color of your area rug with our rug color correction process. We will dye your rug if necessary while maintaining the detail and color pattern of the rug.

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Water Damaged & Fire Damage Rug Repair

After any water or fire disaster happens it also damages your area rug. Sometimes it even leaves a smoke odor or water damage odor on your rug.

To get your area rug odor free you can rely on us. Our professional will repair your rug along with odor removal. Reuse your water & fire damage rug as if it is brand new with us.

Don't Worry About the Fallen Cookie on Your Rug

If any cookies fell on your area rug, would you pick them up and eat them? I bet your kids would. Dirty rugs harbor dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and dust mites, to name a few. But don't worry, our unique cleaning process with full water submersion, gentle scrubbing, and thorough rinsing will give your rug a much-needed sanitizing. You will be able to see, feel, and smell how clean it is!

Rely on Us to Ensure a Fresh Rug!

Keep your rug clean, feels like a challenge. We are here to make your challenges a bit easier. We understand your investment and your worries. Thus, we are here at Legacy Rug Care, helping you with all sorts of rug issues. Our experts are certified to clean even the most deliciated rugs.

With our state of art equipment & facilities, we make sure to clean your rug thoroughly. You can contact us now to ensure a fresh rug with us. We are available in Nottingham, White Marsh, Middle River, and throughout our MD service area. Get your area rug cleaned with us. Dial at


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  • Nottingham, MD | November 18, 2020

The team that cleaned the rugs arrived on time and did an excellent job on the rugs. I highly recommend Hydro Clean to all my friends and neighbors.

  • Nottingham, MD | September 26, 2018

Had upholstery and area rugs done. Beautiful job. Highly recommend.

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