Oriental Rug Cleaning in Columbia

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Columbia, MD

Do you want your oriental rugs cleaned to a look new again? Count on Hydro Clean Rug Care for your oriental and area rug cleaning services in Columbia or throughout the Greater Baltimore, MD area.

Oriental rugs add a unique touch to your home decor. The intricate designs, handwoven quality and patterns make it a worthy choice for homeowners.

A gentle and delicate touch is best when handling oriental rug cleaning. Do not attempt to clean the rug with harsh chemicals or a rough cleaning process. Doing so might fade the color, distort its form or even worse, tear the rug.

Even though oriental rug cleaning can be tricky, we know how to professionally handle your rug. Call us at Hydro Clean Rug Care at 410-204-2825 for further information.

Advantages of Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

Professional Cleaning of Oriental Rugs in Columbia

Here's why Columbia homeowners choose Hydro Clean Rug Care for professional cleaning of hand-woven oriental rugs:

  • Proper Cleaning - Professional rug cleaning removes dirt, dust, pollution, debris, bacteria and germs. When you try to clean your handwoven oriental rug at home, you may not be able to clean it properly -- or you could ruin that  precious rug. So, make sure you choose to professionally clean your expensive rug.
  • Stain Removal - Removing stains from oriental rugs is not easy. It requires expert hands to do the job without doing any harm to the rug. Professionals are trained to clean all types of rugs, even the most delicate ones with perfection.
  • Delicately Handled - Professionals are sure to treat your precious rug delicately. They know how to treat any kind  of rug and only use cleaning products and chemicals according to the condition of the rug.
  • Saves Time - Cleaning your oriental rug properly at home will take a lot of time and energy. Why waste that time when you can get the job done better by a professional company?
  • Saves Money - Cleaning your favorite hand-woven oriental rug at home by yourself might ruin it which can be costly. So why not get your Oriental rug cleaned by us and save your money?
  • Pre-Loss Condition - When the rug is washed by Hydro Clean Rug Care, you will get it back in a like-new condition.

Why Choose Hydro Clean Rug Care in Columbia?

At Hydro Clean Rug Care, our company believes in customer satisfaction. We do our job not just to earn money, but to bring smiles to our clients' faces. That’s why we offer a refund if our work is not to your satisfaction. We believe in our work because our technicians are highly trained, skilled, certified and dedicated professionals. Besides Columbia, we also offer our services in AberdeenAbingdonAccokeekAndrews AFBAnnapolisAnnapolis JunctionAquasco and nearby communities.

Contact us online or call us at 410-204-2825 to schedule your rug cleaning. We also provide services for rug repairrug protectionpadding salesfloor cleaning and more!

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Customer Reviews from Columbia ( 5 out of 4 reviews )

  • Columbia, MD | September 29, 2022
  • Posted on Google

Our dog got into an entire bag of chocolate covered espresso beans (she was ok!). She got sick over the entire white carpet and it looked like black tar and was horrible. They did an amazing job on the carpet! I for sure thought i was going to have to throw out our massive rug and was shocked with the results. It looks great!

  • Columbia, MD | November 19, 2020

As I said before all is well. They did have to return because of a lot of spots. They got those cleaned up very nicely. It was inconvenient for us to have to dry the rugs again. Looks good now. Better to treat the spots first time.

  • Columbia, MD | September 18, 2020
  • Posted on Google

We are delighted with Hydro Clean and Stanley, the workman who did our carpets and 2 area rugs. He was on time, efficient, moved furniture when necessary and did a excellent job on our wall to wall carpeting that frankly needed his attention. Stanley did such a great job we vowed we would not wait to call Hydro Clean again. Thanks, Stanley!!

  • Columbia, MD | October 25, 2017

The scheduling process was efficient. The primary technician was knowledgeable, professional and polite. I believe he was training the other technician who accompanied him. He was also very pleasant. My furniture and rug look brand new!

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Great company, great service, job well done! They picked up my 8 x 10 area rug and runner last Friday. Today, just 7 days later, my rugs were returned... Read more about Lyndie Billey reviewRead More

Everyone was real professional and nice. My rug has not looked this well since I bought it. I always used a carpet cleaner every 3 months at least... Read more about Dustin Walters reviewRead More

The two techs who returned the carpets were very kind, patient, and helpful. We had a round rug that had to be positioned (centered) under the dining room chandelier... Read more about Chuck MillerRead More

Our dog got into an entire bag of chocolate covered espresso beans (she was ok!). She got sick over the entire white carpet and it looked like black tar... Read more about Renee Craig reviewRead More

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