Causes of Rug Damage in Columbia & Baltimore, MD

Area rugs have sentimental and aesthetic value, but they're also prone to common household mishaps or other issues. Their color, strength, and overall lifespan can degrade for many reasons if preventative measures aren't taken. With Legacy Rug Care, rug damage can be prevented, mitigated or restored with our professional services and expertise. Always rely on Legacy Rug Care for area rug damage protection and repair.

Additional Legacy Rug Care rug repair services include rug patchingrug reweavingbacking repair, and more. Legacy Rug Care can offer exceptional repair services for your area rugs in BethesdaParkvilleTowsonGalesville, and throughout our MD service area. Call us today at 410-204-2825 for area rug care, maintenance, and repair, and learn the causes of rug damage between regular services.

Legacy Rug Care is Ready For These Rug Damage Causes in Towson, MD

Area rug damage comes in many forms, and the causes are also numerous. Many situations are repairable or reversible, and Legacy Rug Care is your superior solution. Reasons for damage might include:

Professional Rug Cleaning Service
  • Spills: Legacy Rug Care has helped many clients in need of rugs repair due to spills. Spilled drinks, particularly highly acidic beverages such as red wine, coffee, and soda, can permanently stain the rug if not cleaned instantly. If chemicals spill like bleach or oil, the rug can quickly discolor or be damaged.
  • Dirt: Dirt, along with mud, dust, and grime, is a significant cause of rug damage. Dirt is a year-round problem that clings to shoes in any season. Thanks to constant pedestrian traffic, rug stains discolor, discolor, and penetrate the fibers over time.
  • Odors: Lingering odors penetrate rugs. Smoke, pet accidents, strong-scented liquids or foods, etc., are the worst offenders. These odors can become permanent or difficult to extract if left unattended for too long.
  • Pet tears or damage: Cats or dogs scratch, chew and take out various behaviors on area rugs or carpets. Excessive wear can lead to holes or other damage, but options exist for professional repair, particularly by Legacy Rug Care.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

If you've made the investment in area rugs or fine oriental rugs, you probably already know they're a little bit more challenging to keep clean than your hardwood floors and other surfaces. Let's watch the video and learn more about our cleaning process.

Trust Legacy Rug Care For Damaged Area Rugs in Baltimore

Legacy Rug Care certified professionals provide skilled, thorough area rug cleaning, rug hole repair, water damaged rug repair, pet stain removal, rug protection, rug resizing, routine area rug maintenance, and more. We have provided superior rug cleaning and repair services since 1976 on both durable and delicate fibers. For area rug repair service and maintenance, call 410-204-2825 or click here to reach us online to arrange a consultation.

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