Rug Health and Impact in Baltimore & Columbia

Indoor air quality refers to the overall condition of air that influences your health, comfort, and overall well-being. It's necessary to keep your upholstery, furniture, and area rugs clean. A dirty rug can adversely impact both your home's health and your own. Maintaining a clean rug is essential for a healthy indoor environment. Legacy Rug Care has solutions for making sure rugs don't degrade your air quality. Follow our advice here for a healthy rug and home.

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How Rug Health Impacts Homes Across Maryland

A dirty rug indicates accumulated dirt, dust, and stains. Sometimes if you don't effectively clean spills, they can lead to future mold growth in the future. This not only harms indoor air quality but also poses health risks. Individuals with respiratory conditions like asthma or allergies can be particularly susceptible. It's vital to clean your rug effectively and prevent potential health issues.

Advice For Healthier Rugs in Baltimore

Turn to Legacy Rug Care for the most professional rug cleaning to go with the following maintenance:


Effective and quality vacuuming can help you to get rid of the dust or allergens from your rug.


Rotating your rug once a month can help you to avoid potential wear and tear. As it will help you avoid heavy foot traffic in a particular area.

Padding Underneath

Laying down a rug pad underneath your rug can help you keep your floor healthy while keeping your rug in place.

Spot Cleaning

Cleaning the rug immediately after any spills will prevent further stains on your rug.

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Cleaning & Repair For Rug Health

Regular rug cleaning and maintenance extends rug life, improves appearance, and adds comfort. Legacy Rug Care recommends professional cleaning at least once a year. Our cleaning methods preserve rug fibers and color, while addressing wear and tear. Keep your rug its freshest for years to come, improve indoor air quality, and rug durability.

Don't Worry about Your Dirty Rugs

If you own any area rugs, you are probably aware of how quickly they become dirty and stained. Our cleaning process is designed to deep clean the embedded dirt, dust, and odors, and give your rugs an amazing clean look. Currently, when you schedule your rug cleaning with us, you can take advantage of a $25 discount for each rug washed.

Keep Rugs Clean & Healthy For Best Indoor Air in Towson

For the most professional rug cleaning, contact us today. With nearly four decades experience in rug repair and cleaning, trust us with your rug cleaning and care needs. Call 410-204-2825 or contact us online to book an appointment across Maryland for rug cleaning and care.

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