Carpet Beetle Removal From Rugs in Baltimore, MD

Successfully eliminating carpet bugs.

Small, oval-shaped carpet beetles can be black or brownish-orange. These pests are drawn to light and can enter through doors, windows, and tiny cracks. They lay eggs, and produce larvae on area rugs or carpets, severely damaging them.

For an area rug carpet beetle infestation, contact the reliable, thorough professionals at Legacy Rug Care. We perform effective carpet beetle removal from area rugs with our years of experience and expertise. Infested area rugs are a specialty, including carpet beetle removal and rug repair.

Since 1986, we have assisted customers in Baltimore, Columbia, Benson, Aberdeen, Aquasco, Ashton, and throughout our MD service area. Call us at 410-204-2825 or  contact us online to arrange a consultation with a Legacy Rug Care representative.

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Legacy is Your Carpet Beetle Removal Expert in Rockville

Higher-quality area rugs are meant to last but can withstand much wear. Legacy Rug Care repairs and restores rugs to their former glory, including after a carpet beetle or other infestation. We'll remove these pests and return your area rug to a pre-damaged condition.

Carpet beetles are drawn to warmth and can enter your home through cracks in doors, by flying inside, on clothing, plants, or pets. With more than 30 years experience with stains, soils, infestations and other area rug conditions, we'll provide superior rug cleaning and repair, including carpet beetle removal. We assist customers in Essex, Towson, Elkridge, Rosedale, and cities across our MD service area. Call us today at 410-204-2825 or contact us online.

Don't Worry about Your Dirty Rugs

If you own any area rugs, you are probably aware of how quickly they become dirty and stained. Our cleaning process is designed to deep clean the embedded dirt, dust, and odors, and give your rugs an amazing clean look. Currently, when you schedule your rug cleaning with us, you can take advantage of a $25 discount for each rug washed.

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Trust Legacy For Carpet Beetle Removal & Repair in Columbia

Legacy Rug Care is your most reliable, thorough and affordable provider of carpet beetle removal from area rugs in the Baltimore area. We assist customers with superior rug repair that includes infested rug repairrug hole repairrug resizing, and more. Call us at 410-204-2825 or  contact us online to book an appointment with a Legacy Rug Care team member.

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